Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy birthday Dr Seuss

Yesterday we celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday !
What wonderful stories !
We read "green eggs and ham" and "the cat in the hat" and then we went on to eat 2 versions of our own green eggs and ham!

To make your own ... Separate an egg into 2 bowls

Add a little food gel coloring to the egg whites


( a little St Patricks day looking...)

For a yummier version...
Left over basil (green) pesto pasta with scrambled eggs and ham!

A cat in the hat

And here's a great biography I read a while back...

My favorite Dr Seuss story?
The sleep book... Maybe because honeypie is such a non- sleeper...

" Everywhere creatures have shut off their voices...
They've all gone to bed in the beds of their choices..."

Except honeypie...

What's your favorite Dr Seuss story?

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  1. I was never a Dr. Seuss child... I feel like I missed out.



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