Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ponyo birthday too!

Here we are making goodie bags for honeypie's birthday! Handmade Ponyo puppets in little green buckets just like the movie!
Though honeypie has been so sick with 104 fever... We had to cancel her party but postponed it for later in the month ...
So stay tuned for cake and party pictures!

card stock makes a good stencil material

I used fabric glue to glue all the face features...

I used fabric glue to glue the head onto the sewn body.

Found these buckets at party city and thank god for Easter grass! Blue for water!

P-o-n-y-o ! Ponyo!

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  1. You are brilliant! We have yet to see Ponyo but I love your puppets! And I hope Honey Pie is feeling better soon!

  2. Wow these are amazing! Hope your daughter's okay!

  3. thanks melissa and jesse... yes... not a happy camper about having to postpone party after all that crafting... sad sad... but she is looking forward to the party to come!
    ps... melissa... if you do not know ponyo or totoro...they are super cute movies.. a total must! i would recommend totoro first for your little one... it is sooo sweet! thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oooohh... I could just cry! We love Ponyo! What a fabulous idea for Madd's spring basket!!

  5. Brilliant, my little girl is the biggest totoro and ponyo fan! I do hope you'd invite her to honeypies birthday if we lived in the same country that party favour is her idea of heaven! :) I'm in the process of planning babygirls fourth birthday party, this year alice in wonderland themed with a ponyo/totoro themed cake (we've had totoro cakes for the last two birthdays with a totoro themed party the first year (her second birthday)- complete with picnic and scavenger hunt in the woods :) does honeypie dance around the house singing "ponyo ponyo!" too? Babygirls newest thing is whispering to me (or shouting out loud when she's really happy) "ponyo loves sosuke!!" this morning she told me ponyo and sosuke snuck into her bed in the middle of the night and hugged her til she went too sleep :D oh I am sorry to go on and on- it's so nice to hear of a family who have the same tastes as ours :D

  6. hi katherine!! so nice of you to stop by!! yes... we are huge totoro and ponyo fans!! honeypie loves the ponyo song and sings it in japanese (we have the japanese music CD but do not speak japanese ;) )... when our house is a mess... she says soot sprites live here! and definetly "ponyo loves sosuke" is a great yell! I would love to see your cakes!! I made some felted acorns for the goodie bags.... did you see those? i posted instructions if you want to give that a go. As for our cake ... it is going to be a green bucket with ponyo sticking out... in fondant. Have tons of ideas for party games but the scavenger hunt in the woods sounds great!! I think miyazake's movies really open so much of honeypie's imagination as I can see your little one has a big imagination too! thanks for all the kind words! and totoro and ponyo are so much fun!! have a great night and thanks for stopping by! ^_^

  7. hi stephanie!! thanks for stopping by too! the puppets were easy to make.... hope you give them a go for your little one! yes... isn't the movie great? that scene where she rides the fish is my favorite! and catchy tunes too!... i am supposed (commisioned?required?) to sew a red dress for honeypie so she can be ponyo... i can do the top but the puffy panties are giving me a tough time... ;)

  8. OMG. So much Miyazaki crafty goodness on this blog. I bow to your genius! Today, DD & I are going to sew a felt Ponyo stuffie based loosely on this puppet for the daughter of friends who are as Miyazaki-obsessed as we are. We're hoping we can find a wrap-your-gift-in-a-balloon place so Ponyo can arrive in a 'bubble'. Wish us luck!

  9. thanks so much deborah for stopping by and for your kind words!!! :)
    i hope to see some of your crafty work too! yes... we are VERY miyazaki obsessed!!! more crafts coming soon... this time inspired by kiki's delivery service and castle in the sky!!! :) have a great day!!
    stop by again!! good luck!! ^_^



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