Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa's surprise

Happiest holidays!!!
Hope they were wonderful everyone!!

Santa brought into our house this year a fuzzy baby in the shape of a super cutie bunny!!
Today, her name is marshmallow ...
Yesterday, snowball ...
But one thing is for sure... We are in love!!!


Auntie Kirsten gave honeypie a beautiful handmade sewing basket complete with wonderful candycolored threads, ribbons and soft fabric . It was a was a wonderful thoughtful gift that honeypie is in love with too and full of ideas to sew like mama!

Santa also bought a fancy Nancy girl and her very own sewing machine... We are going to have wonderful sewing adventures!!!

Nothing but pure love!

Hope the new year brings joy, love, good health and prosperity for everyone!

~ ^_^ birdycake


  1. Omg that's an awesome looking bunny. Looks like you guys had a great holiday :)

  2. Is she going to make something for Marshmallow (or Snowball) out of the fleece fabric?

    --Auntie Kirsten



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