Saturday, December 12, 2009

Candy Wreath Ornaments

Here's a great idea we got from the "crafty crow" on how to make a candy wreath ornament!
We made ours with peppermint candies.
All you need is some decorative ribbon, peppermint candies and your oven. Arrange the candies on a baking sheet in a circle or wreath shape...
Bake at 250 f for 4-5 minutes or until slightly melted. Wreath is done when the candies have stuck together.
We baked it according to the instructions if 8 minutes and the candies melted too much. So 4-5 minutes seems like a good time.

Cute and you can eat it too!

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  1. That is supercute! Think we'll try that. Thanks for the baking tip!

  2. hi stephanie!!! thanks for stopping by!!! yes... its a super easy project and yummy to eat! ps... loved seeing you prepare for your tree decorating! popcorn and cranberry garlands!! always wanted to try that! :)

  3. so much fun! We are about to make them now - thank you for posting about this!




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