Thursday, December 10, 2009

All about Santa...

Here are 3 great Christmas books we read this week!
The first two, Santa Claus and Santa's Reindeer are wonderful books chuck full of detailed information about the mystery of the north pole and Santa's life.
Lots of flaps to open and things to pull out and explore. I must say I have learned alot!
I did not know santa's suit was woven from spider's silk!
Wonderfully informative and full of pictures.

This third book was a great discovery! Holly claus the Christmas princess is daughter to Santa Claus. She was born after a child wrote a letter to Santa telling him that he did not need anything for Christmas but wanted to give him a gift and wanted to know what Santa's wish was. A great lesson about selflessness.
I won't tell you the rest ... Just know there is mystery and a great happy ending!

Happy reading!

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