Monday, February 7, 2011

The marzipan pig, by Russell Hoban

Today we read a beautiful story called "The marzipan pig" by Russell Hoban and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Many of you might remember Quentin Blake's illustrations from all the Roald Dahl's books (The witches, Matilda, Charlie and the chocolate factory...) and Russell Hoban from the "Frances" books, (A bargain for Frances).
This story is about a little lonely marzipan pig that falls behind a couch and whose feelings off love reach out to a little mouse, a hibiscus flower , an owl and a bee in a series of events that occur after he was eaten.  ( Loooooveeeee!  They all say).  A symbolic story of love, its fleeting moments of happiness and sweetness.   If you do not know what marzipan is... it is a sweet made of almond paste and sugar and marzipan pigs are a symbol of good luck in Germany, often given as gifts during holidays.

We made our own Marzipan Pig too!

And just because I was curious...
Mr Quentin Blake is still alive and has a wonderful website to visit.  (here) 
and though Roald Dahl died in 1990... his legacy lives on in his super cute and funny website.  If you like bouncing farting chickens.. you must visit!!!  (here)
and "the marzipan pig" was made into a movie by HBO.  (here)


  1. What a lovely post and pig. Russell Hoban is still very much alive as well, in fact he turned 86 last week! Fans around the world turned out to celebrate:

  2. WOW!! I am so glad to hear that! :) I tried googling around for Russell Hoban's own personal website and could not find one! We have enjoyed many "frances" books here and as my daughter just learned to read... it is amazing to hear her read them to me. The marzipan pig is such a gorgeous story. Thanks you for visiting our blog! (and loved the picture of Mr Hoban and his "bottle" on your site.



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