Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love notes

It's love day everyday, sure but valentines day is tomorrow and we are sooo excited!
Today we wrote love notes for daddy just the way they were written in the olden days ... Using pen, quill and ink and sealing the note with sealing wax. I found all my inks and sealing wax from way back... (when I was addicted to shakespearean sonnets and bad boys) and we began practicing.

Using pen and ink...

Trying the feather quill ...

We settled on the pen and loved dipping it in all the different colored inks.

(very serious work...)

Now on to sealing the note.

We melted the wax over a candle using a metal spoon. The wax is HOT so if little hands are helping make sure you are careful!!!!

I poured the wax on the envelope and

Honeypie used a metal seal to press it on to the wax.


We also finished all the valentines for friends...

Now on to secret messages...

To make invisible ink you need equal parts water to baking soda.

( 1 tb of baking soda and 1 tb of water )
Mix well.

Use a q-tip or paint brush to apply the invisible ink mixture to your paper. Write your secret message and let it fully dry.

To read the note warm the paper over a candle or stove, making sure to KEEP THE PAPER AWAY FrOm DIRECT FLAME.!!!!!!! It's highly FLAMMABLE !!! SO ADULTS ONLY!!!!

Daddy's message?

Hope you are writing your own love notes and happy valentines day!!

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