Friday, February 11, 2011

Cookie time!

It's been a great first cookie sale run for our daisy scouts.
We had a great cookie booth success, as well as the door to door and mamas and papas helped tremendously to get little daisies excited about this new experience.
We visited TD bank for a tour to see how a bank runs and to learn about saving our money, just in time to talk about our cookie sale profits and what we will do with them.
With so much to do and talk about, I am sure our next meeting will be buzzing with ideas.

(even the train station is excited!)

Our cookie bundling for our customers at Daddy's office.

Our daisy scout thanks !

Badges are starting to accumulate and according to daddy who is the official badge sewing expert.... "When applying badges, start at the middle and work your way outward. Looks better graphically!"

Honeypie and I worked on learning the value of money at home . We made coin rubbings with crayons and created and played a money game.

And if you are interested ...
Girl scout cookies sell for...

Support your local scout troop!
Buy cookies!

Though personally , as delicious as that thin mint is ....
(Wish they were made with more wholesome ingredients in mind...)

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