Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Unicorn cookies

Oh... our unicorn loving continues...

This time in the form of mama baked and iced, sweet unicorn sugar cookies!

Honeypie was in loooooveeee!!

I used Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe (here) and her royal icing recipe ( here) too, which I love, since it uses meringue powder rather than egg whites.

I tend to make my royal icing and place it in small ziplock bags in which I can drop some wilton food gels, and blend by hand.
Then I can just snip the tips if the ziplock bags to ice them.
But you have to snip a tiny tiny bit to get a fine tip!!! Remember that .
I start by outlining the cookie with the fine tip. I then flood royal icing on the inside with a larger tip and swirl with a toothpick to even the cookie out!
When that dries a bit... I use my sprinkles and detailing icing!

Super Cute no???

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