Monday, July 5, 2010

More from "emeril at the grill"

Day 3 of grilling and though absolutely delicious ... I think I need a break from meat !
Something about 4th of July weekends that send people into a beef-poultry frenzy and though I'm sneaking in the "greens", I think next week is vegetarian week. Emeril's book is amazing! Not a bad thing in there and full of amazing salads and sides
BUT it is a meat grilling fiesta!

Yesterday was about his
Orange, cumin, and cilantro grilled porkchops with orange marmalade glaze.
And grilled sweet potato salad with crumbled Cotija cheese, cilantro and red onions.

And for dessert...
Grilled peaches with marscapone cheese , honey and walnuts !

And today is about his mango , avocado, watercress salad with grapefruit/honey dressing...

And his pork and chorizo burgers with green chili mayo. We added some heirloom tomatoes and pepperjack cheese... Mmmmm.

Now maybe later we can end the day with those grilled apples stuffed with chocolate...

Too much ?
Viva the 4th of July .

I think I need a nap....

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  1. I can't wait for your vegetarian week!

  2. thanks melissa!!! ...hmmmm... might be turning into a vegetarian year for health reasons... its going to be a challenge but i'm inspired! huge hello!!

  3. I have been vegetarian for seven months now and I haven't looked back. I miss the breakfast meats now and again and seafood but on the whole it has been great fro my body and mind. The hardest part was not depending on breads and cheeses for food. Gained a bit of winter weight due to those. But, thanks to summer and a garden I am looking forward to so many possibilities! I'll be watching for yours as well!

    Hello back!

  4. So good melissa! Habits are hard to break at first. I go in and out of vegetarianism...even was vegan before i had honeypie, it was so i could actually become pregnant with her. Felt fantastic and did wonders for my body. but cheese... oh cheese. love it to much... here the whole family will go on a in and out "deborah Madison" kick...(awesome cookbooks!!! BTW... ) and then here we have summer and my husband cant resist a good grilled cheese burger or amish applewood smoked sausage... But I have to make a change at the moment... A friend of mine forwarded me these amazing veggie burger recipes... im going research some good good tasty stuff and her and I are going to tackle health. Its going to be interesting for this foodie.
    ;) thanks for the hello!!
    I'm going to tackle vegan baking so stay tuned!!



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