Saturday, April 17, 2010

Over the rainbow by Judy Collins and Eric Puybaret

I love to sing and have been singing to honeypie since she was in the womb. That's not saying that I am going to be trying out for American idol anytime soon... But I think I can carry a decent tune. Gillian Welch, John Denver, James Taylor, Elton John and recently Death Cab for Cutie have made our way into our car or nightime sing-alongs.
Honeypie has an ecclectic ear which I am SURE she inherited from daddy's intense love of all kinds of music...(as I tend to have gotten love stuck in the 80's) :). Ska and Brazilian grooves, vampire weekend, the pixies or fishbone are enjoyed with daddy... Cindy Lauper, Sade, the Cure and Kate Bush with mama.
We have our own so called kareoke list of songs we love to sing together which include...
-take me home, country road ~John denver
-you've got a friend
~James Taylor
-rainbow connection ~Kermit
-true colors ~Cindy Lauper
-time after time ~ Cindy lauper
_I will follow you into the dark ~ death cab for cutie
And ofcourse... Our favorite favorite favorite...Which was one of Honeypie's first full songs she memorized and sang ...
"somewhere over the rainbow" by Judy Garland from the Wizard of Oz.

We just recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman named Judy Collins who has been a singer and activist since the 70's! Best known for many songs including "bring on the clowns" or her rendition of "amazing grace". And now she has recorded the song "over the rainbow" for a book illustrated by Eric Puybaret, which is beautiful . The book's illustrations/paintings are gorgeous and the book comes with a 3 song cd which includes:
"Over the rainbow"
"I see the moon"
And "White coral bells".

Judy Collins voice is beautiful and the book is a great addition to our library.
Here's a peek inside the book.

After Judy Collins sang a great medley of songs, she autographed her book for us and we got to meet her. (wow!!!!) Honeypie was thrilled to be able to meet her and she even sang to Judy her version of over the rainbow without a shy bone to be had!! ;)

Judy Collins said... "That was beautiful !!! Keep on singing!!"
Honeypie said ..." mama!! I did it"!


  1. Oh, I absolutely love it. So wonderful and heartwarming. Keep on lovin' up that kid.



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