Sunday, April 18, 2010

Martha's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts

OoOh!!!!!! New book out by Martha Stewart!!! ^_^
Sooooo thrilled!!!
This one is called the "Encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts" and I have to tell you it's beautiful!!!
Honeypie has been putting post-it notes on what she wants me to make and she even started her own little handmade drawn book of her favorite pages from the book!!
(I think I am creating a little Martha lover out of her too!!)
Here's some projects I'm "supposed to " work on for honeypie...

I'm suppossed to make,
The dollies ...

The cutie bunny...

A little quilt for her dollies...

As for me?
I'd like to tackle the embroidery section... Especially the ribbon embroidery how-to which looks beAutiful !!!

Here's honeypie's Martha book...

The cover with Martha Stewart and her sewing tools...

A sewing machine

Martha sewing a quilt

Tools you need to sew ...

Tools for quilting... Scissors, rotary blade,etc

On Martha's show last week she made cute animal bath mitts and honeypie wants to learn to sew those , so that will be her project!

Great book!!!

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