Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ed Emberley Film Documentary (make a world)

Just the other day I received a new comment on one of my old posts... (wooh hoo!!)
The post (here)  was about ED EMBERLEY, the wonderful writer and illustrator of many children's books.

(The book  Honeypie and I have been trying to draw from is his thumbprint book below...)

the post by "mity quinn" said...

"Well done! I really like this post. 

I thought you might be interested about a documentary film I'm working on about Ed:

All the best!"


It seems that there is going to be a GREAT documentary on Ed Emberley and we can't wait to see it!!!

Thanks for the comment mity quinn!      And    Good luck with the film!

Here's a quote from the film's "make a world" website...

"In 1972, Ed Emberley published a book called, “Make a World”.

This simple 32-page book, packed with more than 400 illustrations,shows children how to draw almost anything. In the most literal sense, it’s an instructional drawing guide for children.
Yet it’s much more than that.
Called by some a visual dictionary and even a bible, it’s a powerful influence on contemporary designers and artists. It’s used in a wide range of educational contexts, from elementary schools to college courses, to promote creative thinking. It’s even been embraced in Japan as an aesthetic approach unto itself.
Perhaps most importantly, since “Make a World” emerges from Mr. Emberley’s definitive New England upbringing, the book defines an empowering democratic ethos; that equipped with the proper tools and the proper frame of mind, anything is possible.
In short, “Make a World” is the little book with a big impact.

You can also view a teaser trailer for the film  (here)


Here's a wonderful peek inside Ed Emberley's art studio! (here)


You can show support for the film by buying one of their t-shirts (here)...

Through art... we can "make a world"!


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