Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today we did a little fruit canning from the "Ball complete book of home preserving"...(link here )
Just testing out some recipes to see which ones were really tasty and would make again...
So far my favorites have been the spiced apple preserves with lemon peel and even more delicious... The Ginger pear preserves with Lime zest.!!


This canner pot has made things easier...
The brand is "Granite-ware" and you can purchase it on amazon. (link here )
I have the 21 quart.

It comes with a lift rack!!!
And you can stack jars.

We got some other books on pickling for Christmas and I look forward to trying those out next!

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  1. I received that same book for my birthday, but here (Canada) it is called the Bernardin Book of Home Preserving. I have yet to try any of the recipes because most of the ones I wanted to try took a plethora of fruit and/or vegetables so I thought I wouldn't be able until fall. I should go back through it and see if there are smaller ones I want to try. How do you eat your fruit preserves? (I mean besides the obvious on toast (; )

  2. hi melissa!!!
    so good to have you back around!! hope your holidays were wonderful!! :)
    canning has been going really well. I am currently canning apples and pears which still seem to be plentiful at the market. The recipes we've tried yield small batches... like 3-4 jars so it is a good intro into canning. The ginger pear preserves on page 69 do not call for it is quite easy. I am going to try the spirited fruits starting on page 154... i figure they keep for a while and make a ice gift...brandied apple rings? and i am quite tempted to make the pie fillings and store them... Ofcourse i try to buy fresh and in season... but being winter... that is hard. My husband made a berry jam using frozen berries... tasted delicious... i buy that organic frozen... you might want to give that a go.
    and i must say that canner has made my life super easy! :) The otehre 2 books i got which i like alot were... preserving hte harvest by carol w. costenbader and she goes into fruit leathers etc.. and the joy of jams , jellies and other sweet preserves by linda ziedrich... really good. check them out!
    huge warm hello! :)



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