Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This week at "unplug your kids" the challenge was... "the sun".  
So what did we come up with?  
First, we decided to start  with one of our favorite books by Elsa Beskow called "the sun egg"
It is a story about a little wood elf who happens to find something quite mysterious in the woods and she thinks its an egg from the sun! (its really a juicy orange) The illustrations in the book are lovely and the story is too.  
We sat down and chomped on some oranges right after our read.

We then went on to make our own "sun egg" ... 
what did it look like?  
We hard boiled an egg.  
Used turmeric to dye it...
Then placed some parsley leaves in with the egg into a stocking and 
dipped it in the turmeric dye for 30 minutes...

And this is what we got... 

For dinner we also made some "sunny" risotto... all inspired by honeypie.  
She wanted a bit of green (peas),  a bit of yellow  (corn, butternut squash and cheddar),  as  well as some chicken broth and parmesan cheese.... well seasoned and YUM.

These were our "sun "  adventures!

PS... if you'd like to make some "sunny" sun prints using sunflowers...
 read our previous instructions on how-to here!!


  1. the egg looks fab, a turmeric angel instead of a snow angel!

  2. What great sun projects!!! You really used your imagination and creativity on these! Great job.



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