Sunday, May 31, 2009

lazy sunday...

Today finds us inside...   a nice lazy sunday

Honeypie is in her playroom, laying on her cot with mama's ipod, listening to charlotte's web.

Daddy has made a new nook for his turntables and is happily remixing music.

And mama?....  is in the kitchen figuring out the science of sugar!!
(OH why can it be more organic? all this math and numbers... )

My idea of the homemade lollipop making was harder than i thought and i had some interesting results but none which were actual edible lollipops.  
I am sure we will get rolling once i get a ...   "CANDY THERMOMETER"!!!  

(note to self: ***need a candy thermometer, pronto.  Seems that is the mystery secret.)

I started with a basic recipe i had in a booklet...

one cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup corn syrup
and 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar

I put it all in a pan on high heat, stirring and waited for it to boil.
Once it boiled i waited for some signs of it kind of reaching a 300* f degrees... i stuck in a digital thermometer i had in a drawer and melted it (the thermometer) at 235*f ...
so then my result was... burnt sugar lollipops. (too much heat)
(here's the "dark" entry for "unplug your kids!")

mmmm.... those look NOTHING like the picture...

On my second try, i removed the pot from  the heat once the mixture was boiling heavily (hoping it had reached 300* f ) and that resulted in lollipops that never hardened (not enough heat) 

but the sugar was pliable enough to be molded, so i played around with that.

ahhhh live and learn.

I did try to insert some fondant figures inside the lollipops and found out that they did not dissolve, so that was a happy finding.

I will try again this week... this time with my brand new candy thermometer  that i am going to purchase!

and's a good lollipop recipe (here)!

Afterwards we did some artsy things for honeypie's "uniqua"...

Some body painting by daddy

Honeypie's first "kind-of" sewing project... a new dress for "uniqua".  We took a cloth bag we had gotten as a present and honeypie trimmed the bottom off and made holes on the sides for the arms...
Tadahhhhh... a dress!   I thought that was pretty creative on her part!

and also a drawing of "uniqua" for "uniqua"!

(... can you tell who we are in love with at the moment? ) 

as night fell... 
a glass of red wine and roasted rosemary potatoes 
and we sat on the deck to enjoy the last of our lazy sunday!

Great day!


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  1. Looks like a fabulous day to me.
    Funny lollies. ;)
    We had to mold some of ours, too. ha!



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