Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama's day

It was a wonderful mother's day weekend!   (Hope yours was too!)
We invited some friends over for a mama's day tea party and some art crafting... just the girls.  
We used my Alice in wonderland tea set which Honeypie had been aching to use and made some blueberry peach tea.  We also made some veggie platters and finger sandwiches... peanut butter and jam and cream cheese and cucumber.  The mama's had egg salad on whole grain and also some yummy tuna.
Would not have been complete without some cupcakes ofcourse in pink frosting!

Our craft which ended up taking a bit longer to make and is still "work in progress"  were a mama and kid- potato print  "matching" t-shits with a bouquet of spring flowers. 

It was a lovely day!

Getting ready for some "potato printing!"

 We added ribbons and buttons... 

We want to turn the t-shirts into art smocks and they still need ribbon for tying in the back... 
but i will post pictures when they are finished! 

Work in progress...

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