Monday, December 13, 2010

Nutcracker ballet

Since honeypie was 2 years old, we have been taking her to Nutcracker Ballet performances. We all adore the gorgeous music and the whole experience.
This year her dream come true, of her being in a nutcracker ballet, (granted, she was going for the part of Clara ...hah! she definitely doesn't lack in self confidence!)
This was a local community production through a wonderful hardworking company. She had to audition for a part and she got the parts of a cute little mouse and an angel.
I've never seen a 5 1/2 year old more determined. She endured long hours of practice time each weekend without complain and a long day of performing in the AM and PM.
( I, myself was pooped !!!).

Here she is ready to go on stage...

Here she is during dress rehearsal for her angel part...

I also baked a ton of cookies for a fundraiser for the ballet company. I was lucky enough to have a helper, our nana, who lovingly baked all my cookies while I decorated and iced them! :)
(Martha's sugar cookie recipe and icing recipe never fails!!)

What a whole lotta bakin'!

Thank you nana!

It was a beautiful performance with our little angel/mouse!
(One day... One day you will be Clara in sweet Nutcracker dreams.) I am sure.


  1. You never fail to astound me mama. Those cookies (The Clara cookie!)are incredible, what a giving person you are to donate that time, effort and material. But for such a wonderful cause, Honey Pie looks wonderful in her costumes. Next year I am hoping to take Wednesday to her first performance of the Nutcracker, she loves the music and the story.
    I can see you have had the merriest of holidays and I wish you the safest and happiest of new years!

  2. Oh melissa! Thank you soo much!! :)
    I bet wednesday would adore seeing the ballet live. It is just so magical. We are all about sugar plums and nutcrackers during the holidays. Love soaking all that up! :) The first performance we took honeypie to, she was terrified of the mouse king though! Made quite the scene at the theatre! heh heh.
    I hope your holidays were wonderful and filled with the good company and love of great friends and family. May the new year bring only but good things for you and your family. warmest wishes. x



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