Friday, December 3, 2010

A nest for Celeste by Henry Cole

We just finished reading a gorgeous new book called "A nest for Celeste" by Henry Cole, (a story about art, inspiration and the meaning of home).The book is a true story, a period in time in which John James Audubon visits the Oakley plantation in the south to document and paint birds of the area, but the story is told through the point of view of a little mouse named Celeste.
The book is filled with beautiful illustrations and the story is so sweet, while at the same time teaching us about Audubon, his artistic process and birds. Also, the point of view of the story, through the eyes of Celeste, gives you an idea of the trials a little mouse may encounter to survive through the seasons.

Here Audubon is painting a picture of an Osprey.

Honeypie painted a picture one of her favorite characters in the story, the little thrush named Cornelius.

And she wrote a journal entry about the parts she liked and did not like from the book.

A great read-aloud book and beautiful addition for a naturalist's library.

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