Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today we were inspired by thanksgiving.  
We began our day by making a pilgrim bonnet 
(we had already made one with our daisy scout troop and loved it!) 
 We got the idea from the Martha Stewart website (here).

The instructions are on the link above but here is how we did ours.
You need a 11x17 sheet of paper, a hole puncher and hole reinforcers.

Here are the measurements...

We reinforced our holes so they would not rip with the ribbons.

Cut upwards on the 3" line.

Fold over the top.  This will be on the brim.

Tape the outer edges together.

Tape the top flap down.

Add ribbons.

Very cute!  :)

We were inspired by this next project idea over at the blog "Little page turners".   
It's a thanksgiving bracelet to remember the first thanksgiving story.  Each bead you add to the bracelet tells a part of the thanksgiving story.  We used a bit more beads to make our story longer.  

Red, white and blue beads to represent the pilgrims leaving england.
Flower bead= traveling on the ship the Mayflower.
Green = to seek new land
6 blue beads = they sailed at sea for 66 days
Green = they found land
Black=stepped on Plymouth Rock.
white= it was winter and very cold when they landed
red= people got very sick.  Some died.

"W" bead= Pilgrims were greeted by the Wampanoag tribe.
2 "S" beads = they met 2 American indians that helped them, "Samoset" and "Squanto".
orange = pilgrims planted pumpkins
yellow = corn 
fish= the Wampanoag taught the pilgrims to plant herrings with the corn for a better crop.
red= cranberries were plentiful in this new land.
black = pilgrims learned to hunt wild turkeys.  They had never seen turkeys before.

Heart = the wanpanoag tribe and the pilgrims became friends.  The pilgrim were thankful for their help and the wanpanoag were thankful that the pilgrims were friendly, peaceful people.
star= they shared the first thanksgiving feast together.

We also read 2 great thanksgiving books.  The "Pilgrim cat" by Carol Antoinette Peacock and "Thanksgiving Day" by Anne Rockwell.  

Happiest thanksgiving everyone.

We are so thankful for the love of family and true friends.


PS... here are some pilgrim fun facts (here)

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