Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making use of our halloween candy...

Ok. I'll confess. I buy loads of "snickers" bags of candy to give out on Halloween, with the hope that no one will knock on our door and I get to eat them all .
I know... Selfish. Junky even. I'm not an advocate of crap candy. If we are to eat sweets here, I rather organic lollipops for my kid and real chocolate. But there is something amazing, personally, about the high fructose corn syrup poison in those junky morsels that I indulge in once a year. I'm not going to die of regret ... Today . :)

Luckily, honeypie doesn't care too much for the non-chocolate, pure sugar junk either. So I thought ... Why not put our Halloween candy to good use by working on science and math with them.

First on our agenda was a science experiment to test for secret ingredients inside the candy. Oil, citric acid and dyes.
Here we are testing for "citric acid" by adding a bit of baking soda to the dissolved pez, nerds, and bottlecaps.

Melting the candy in warm water .

We check for bubbles.

Here we are feeling the waxy film on the water to test for oil and feeling the flexibility in the laffy taffy and starburst candy.

The waxy film that formed after the oil puddles cooled.

Here we are testing the M and M's. We see if there are food dyes on the paper towels after wetting the candy.

(on a side note... Scary!)

Next? On to some math.
Making a candy bar graph.
We got the most Hershey kisses and only one tootsie roll. Thank god!! Tootsie rolls stink. It's a poor excuse for chocolate . :)

A great fun and full of learning kind of day.

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  1. Oh, I love how you made your leftover candy educational! Me, I just made everyone's thighs hate me:) http://www.thegalleygourmet.net/2010/11/1122010-chocolate-candy-bar-squares-i.html

  2. Thanks nicole! loooove the chocolate candy bar squares. Will have to add them to my "to -do " list even if its not for halloween! :) We are making your pumpkin marshmallows today!



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