Sunday, November 7, 2010

101 things we plan to do this winter

Winter is just around the corner... I can feel it in the air.  

I've sadly put away the flip flops and before we bring out our woolly coats, Honeypie and I are layering.  We've got sweaters and jean jackets and we hope to delay winter just a little bit longer.

This weekend we sat down as a family and made a list of 101 things we wanted to do this winter and this is good because by late January we tend to start going stir crazy!  
This list has given us some exciting happy goals to meet before spring says hello.

Here is ours...

1. Make birdseed cookies for the winter birds.
2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, woman's shelter or children's hospital.
3. Make scarves to keep someone else warm.
4. Go to the beach (just to see what is feels and looks like in the winter)
5. Make delicious hot chocolate with homemade peppermint marshmallows.
6. Watch the night sky for winter constellations.
7. Make molasses candy in the snow like Laura Ingalls.
8. Bake and decorate a gingerbread home.
9. Bake a spiced cake for someone dear.
10. Make christmas ornaments for friends.
11. Sing christmas carols as a family. (We love to do this every year!)
12. Breath on windows and draw shapes with our fingers.
13. Make reindeer and santa shaped pancakes.
14. Paint winter pictures for santa.
15. Make handmade cards.
16. Hike in the snow.
17. Have a sleep over camp out with tents in our basement.
18. Try out new cookie recipes with nana.
19. Sock skate around the house as a family. 
20. Go ice skating in NYC's Rockefeller center.
21. Go out for ice cream at our favorite place.
22. Go maple syrup tapping at Tyler Arboretum.
23. Have a pillow fight.
24. Make caramel popcorn.
25. Stay overnight at a hotel and swim!
26. Have tea at the Plaza hotel like "Eloise".
27. Go see the Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center.
28. See the Radio City Christmas show in NYC.
29. Go to F.A.O Schwarz and play with all the toys but buy nothing!
30. Work on our family 1000 piece puzzle collections.
31. Listen to daddy's victrola by candle light.
32. Capture snowflakes on black paper and look at them with a magnifying glass.
33. Go to the american girl cafe in nyc, catch a look at the rockefeller tree while we are there.
34. Make peppermint bark.
35. Have a holiday dinner party for friends.
36. Look for animal tracks outside.
37. Read as many winter books as possible.
38. Watch "It's a wonderful life" on TV.
39. Roast chestnuts. YUM!
40. Make snow angels, snow men and snow doggies outside.
41. Crack some nuts with nutcrackers.
42. Stay all day in our pajamas,  nap, read, eat and cuddle all day.
43. Attend an outdoor nature program at a local park.
44. Play charades.
45. Bake homemade bread.  Maybe even try a version of Panettone.
46. Have a puppet show .
47. String popcorn and cranberries for our christmas tree.
48. Take fancy family holiday portrait/photo. 
49. Watch old time horror movies like the swamp thing, frankenstein. (Just mama and daddy.)
50. Learn to play traditional card games.
51. Make  real snow cones with special healthy homemade fruit syrups.
52. Study Japan for a week, eat Japanese food the whole week and visit and art museum to see japanese art and make our own japanese inspired art.
53. Visit a planetarium or observatory.
54. Figure out what is inside a "hot toddy"and drink one (mama and daddy) and a warm mulled apple cider for kid.
55. Go to a christmas concert.
56. Celebrate chinese new year with a traditional homemade meal and art crafts.
57. Go to Longwood Gardens to see their christmas displays.
58. Celebrate Kwanzaa.
59. Buy pajamas with feet for the whole family and wear them.
60. Knit and teach honeypie to knit.
61. Make a winter journal.
62. Learn some magic tricks and put on a show.
63. Write a family newsletter.
64. Write winter and snow poems.  
65. Decorate sugar cookies.
66. Catch snowflakes with our tongues. 
67. Go looking for christmas lights on neighborhood homes.
68. Have honeypie open a bank account using her piggy bank money.  Set a goal for depositing money in.
69. Turn off the computer by 4 pm daily.  
70. Sign up for a "walk" as a family for a cause.
71. Hold a cooking class in our kitchen and invite friends to participate.
72. Run around like crazy outdoors, on grass, at least 3 times a week.
73. Go to a flea market and find treasures.
74. Write valentine love letters.
75. Read to each other from joke books.
76. Research something that really interests us at the library (as opposed to the internet).
77. Donate a box of well loved toys to another family.
78. Make paper dolls.
79. Go bowling.
80. Make rock candy.
81. Have a family talent show.  Invite nana and pop pop to watch. 
82. Sit down and look through family photo albums.
83. Go sledding.
84. Photograph winter scenes.
85. Melt snowballs and see how much water they hold.
86. Grow our own sprouts and eat them.
87. Have a snowball fight.
88. Go on an outdoor winter scavenger hunt.
89. Collect pine cones to make a wreath.
90. Make homemade christmas gifts.
91. Sponsor a needy family's christmas list.
92. Create a terrarium.
93. Invent our own board game.
94. Spend time with grand parents.
95. Have a paper airplane contest.
96. Turn the TV off for a day.  Try for 2 days or more and see how many new things we can do while it is off.  No cheating once we make our goals.
97. Make homemade ice cream.
98. Start a collection.
99. Go bird watching.
100. See the Macy's thanksgiving parade live for the first time ever!!!
101. Set goals as a family for the upcoming new year.  Discuss together all the wonderful and positive things you accomplished this year.  
Make noise makers, hats and confetti to celebrate on december 31st.  
Make  a yummy family meal and stay up  to welcome 2011!!

So go ahead... make a list together as a family.  
It is fun to get excited about being and doing together.  
Print out your list and cross out things as you meet each goal!

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