Friday, August 27, 2010

Veggie-ing out...

Hi there!  it's been a while...
Health reasons has me venturing into veggie-vegan land... 
and though it's not a place i have not visited before, i must say i will miss my friend chorizo and his pal manchego. (sigh)
For now...
It's almost the end of summer and the beginning of a homeschooling journey for honeypie and I, with some veggie adventures along the way.
Do not worry ...cake is coming!  Just in the form of vegan or gluten-free from time to time.  I am excited to experiment and look forward to a good challenge.  
(I did find a good recipe for vegan bacon which i am curious about.)
Here's a glimpse at some books i've been reading and some veggie goodness that has been visiting our plates.
More to come... ^-^

(surprisingly delicious...and even tastes almost like the real thing!)

Sweet potato, watercress and spinach stew in a peanut sauce with roasted peanuts.

Roasted acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, shitake mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts.

Fresh heirloom tomatoes

cold sesame buckwheat noodles with heirloom cherry tomatoes

and for my sushi addiction?
Cajun spiced, roasted sweet potato rolls.

with a chili-mayo dipping sauce

Who knew swiss chard was from the beet family?  not me.
Here's my first attempt with pine nuts, shallots and raisins.

Daddy is not a huge fan of string beans but he ate these happily.
blanched with a walnut, miso, soy and sake sauce.

and though this photo stinks... here's a delicious way to make tabouli with quinoa instead.  It has tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, olive oil, mint, parsley and salt and pepper.

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