Sunday, August 15, 2010


They say a girl's first love is her father, this is both beautiful and honestly true.
and though I didn't have a father to think about and look up to like that,
(my step father came into our lives later on in life and a good man he is at that...)
I have to say that i wished...
for scrape your knees and make it alright
for cuddling during a stormy night
for daddy days of drawing or gardening outside

We can't choose our past...
but we can choose our future 

I hope that when real love comes calling for honeypie... that she chooses someone true, honest, faithful, strong, funny, caring, kind and dependable like daddy.  
"you did good mama!", honeypie says. 
"I know!!!" i say back.  :)
(he did too though)...hah

Daddy day is everyday and on those days you might catch honeypie and daddy
making the longest drawing in the world (like Ramona and Beezus!)

Daddy drawing some backyardigan love for honeypie 

Honeypie drawing her love for Uniqua and Tyrone

 and for daddy

with daddy its always fun to do some mayhem makin'

and when that yearly time comes for daddy to blow some candles...
mama can indulge him in  some yumminess ...
Like red velvet cake!
In the shape of Eddie... (from the heavy metal band iron maiden)
daddy's secret old time love!

here i am sculpting "eddie's" gory skinless face on cake out of fondant ! yikes!!

coming along...

buttercream frosting for hair and gel icing painted on his skin finishes the whole thing!

happy birthday daddy!!

just a little bit gory... just a little bit!
heh heh...


  1. Wow! That Eddie cake is amazing! Do you mind if I share it on facebook? I have a few heavy metal fan friends who would just love it I think?

    p.s. Daddy day really is every day isn't it?

  2. You are seriously talented, lady! ;-)
    Looks like this was a fun day for all of you!


  3. :) hi!! thanks so much ladies!! :)
    And yes ! Share away Melissa !! No problem! I'm flattered!! :)



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