Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good to the grain by Kim Boyce

I have a great new book on my shelf by Kim Boyce called "Good to the Grain", and we made our first batch of whole grain, pear and buckwheat pancakes from it this morning.

The recipe focuses on using buckwheat flour, in combination with organic pastry flour and though it calls for milk, I used soy milk instead.
Buckwheat flour is nutty in taste, high in protein, vitamin B, iron and potassium and did you know that though it is used as a grain, it is really an herb??? Hmmm.
Instead of the honey butter sauce that the recipe called for, ( which i made but did not like) i used a pear and lime syrup type of compote we made and canned a while back. The ginger and lime in the sauce made it really delicious on the pancakes.

(I did use the honey butter sauce to make caramel apples for honeypie instead, by boiling the sauce to soft ball stage @ 240* and adding a bit more honey).

The batter has grated pears inside, and it has to be kept lumpy, by hand folding it with spatula.

The true verdict of the recipe's taste was determined by honeypie, who is a true pancake connoisseur. She loved them!

The book is amazing and teaches you how to bake a nice array of goodies, using different whole grain flours like kamut, spelt, quinoa, amaranth and teff flour.
Every recipe is enticing and easy to make.

here are the caramel apples!!

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  1. They look amazing Clara, I wish I knew how to cook like that :(

  2. jesse... shhhh.. here's the secret... at first, follow the instructions in ANY baking book exactly. You will get the hang of basics, by how much you try and continue to bake. The only way to learn is by doing. The second thing to remember? have confidence and plunge right in. There is NOTHING you can't do unless you try! ^_^



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