Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NO "COMPUTERING" allowed!!

You see this sign?
It has been posted by my work area...
it says according to my daughter... "NO COMPUTERING ALLOWED!"
The big crazy haired, wild eyed lady has been assigned the name of "mama" (is that an antenna on my head???) and the box object next to me is my laptop... the wicked little imp next to it is honeypie. She has officially learned how to spell N_O!
For some reason...we are missing arms. It must be so i do not partake in any google-ing or blogging or emailing of sorts...
OK...message heard loud and clear!
I am taking a little brake from "computering"... and posting a little less this summer so we can enjoy the lovely beach and outdoors freely.
A bit of a nature vacation.
In the mean time... keep art-sy...
and we will be drawing on the sand and coloring the wind.

Back soon.


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