Monday, July 13, 2009

Mint-y Sunday

Our garden seems to be flourishing. This year we planted a whole variety of heirloom tomatoes, zuchinni, melon, peppers and herbs. The mint seems to have taken off like a rocket and this sunday finds us seeking recipes for anything "MINTY".

On our agenda this sunday? Tons of fresh iced mint tea...
as well as some late afternoon "mojitos"!

Gently bruise the leaves to get the flavors going

Steep about a handful of mint in a jug with of boiling hot water (about half way). Let it sit for about 15 minutes with a bit of agave syrup or honey (to taste) and then add ice to the top. Enjoy the jug out in the sun! I like a slice of lemon in too...

For the mojitos here is the true cuban recipe... (here) drank by Hemingway himself.


Tomorrow? fresh carrot mint salad, fresh strawberries with orange peel and mint, and maybe we will try a mint granita... and lets not forget mint jelly!


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