Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi there!
I'd like to welcome you here.
Maybe grab a warm cup of blueberry honey tea and get ready to be inspired.
Here you'll find myself... birdycake and my daughter ... honeypie,
busy busy busy creating art with love, reading tons of good books and maybe offering the occasional good recipe for cake!

I have been an art educator for 15 years, an artist, voracious reader, and amateur baker (amongst zillion other things)
My life as a first time mama has been so inspiring that I'd love to share our creative journey with you.

Honeypie tends to view everyday life as a birthday... joyous, bright and fun.
And its with that optimism that I begin this blog.
Remembering that every birth marks wonderous new beginnings and the journey is the reward.

And.... nothing is sweeter than birthday cake!

~Happy birdycake!

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