Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For the birds...

Here are some great books we have been reading in preparation for spring.
"Wings" by Sneed B. Collard and "Beaks", by Sneed B. Collard too.
Both of these books are a wonderful introduction into the world of birds with colorful beautiful collaged cut-and-sculpted-paper illustrations. In the book "Beaks", the author gives us plenty of information about birds and how they use their beaks, allowing them to eat, build nests, or dig. And the book "Wings", takes us a little deeper with the fact that birds aren't the only creatures that have wings, that for exaample bats and insects have them, too. It explores the diversity of wings, the mechanics of flight, and wonderful qualities that flying animals possess.
The beautiful collaged images make a great inspiration to create your own bird cut paper and glue collage.
The book "Today at the blue bird cafe" by Deborah Rudell is a very cute poetry book about birds.
Its silly and sweet and children and adults alike will be drawn to the vivid whimsical watercolor illustrations.

"all you can eat at the bluebird cafe,
a grasshopper-katydid-cricket buffet
with berries and snails
and a blue bottle fly
a sip of the lake and a bite of the sky"

In anticipation of spring, Honeypie and I made some bird feeders to welcome the birds back.

If you and your little ones would like to make this project, here is what you'll need:

peanut butter, almond butter or vegetable shortening
bird seed
needle nose pliers
floral wire or rope
and some pine cones

1. I wrapped each cone with the floral wire (you can use rope or twine too). This is how the pine cone will hang from the tree. I used the pliers to help wrap the wire.

2. Have your little one help you dip the pine cone into the peanut butter or spoon it on.

3. When the pine cone is fully covered, dip it into the bird seed bowl. You can use a spoon to help you get all the seed on.

4.Place them on a tray.
They will be ready for hanging outdoors
and the birds will say.."tweet tweet"..... thank you.

Happy spring!!!

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  1. We love making pinecone bird feeders!
    Well, actually, we love making any bird feeders. :)



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