Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow happy!

The robins are pecking at the ground in our garden, as the weather seems to be bringing some warmer days.  As the last of our snow melted away, we soaked up all we could before this loooooong cold end of winter.
We read these 2 very cute books we thought we'd share, "snow happy" by Patricia Hubbell and "Snow" by Cynthis Rylant and both inspired snow happy fun.  
We even went a bit "Jackson Pollock"  on that perfect infinite white snowy canvas with some snow painting fun!
(By the way... for those of you who do not know Cynthia Rylant... please fo to the library and check out some of her books!!! They are beautiful!  Most are very poetic like the one we read  here but some like the "Henry and Mudge" series, are just plain cute and funny.  Very adored here.)

So true no?

(We painted on the snow with watered down tempera paints on a squeeze bottle)

snow happy!

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