Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween costume making!

This year we had a couple of costumes to make for halloween, among them a request for a "dolphin" costume for little baby nai'a  (hawaian name for dolphin!).  
I could not find any patterns for a baby dolphin costume... 
so I "eyeballed" it.  (Its the lazy-man's sewing technique!!)  
I placed a pajama the size of the baby on top of a piece of fleece material. (Fleece is very forgiving in that you do not really need to make any seams and the edges do not fray like regular fabric, plus it is very warm).  I then traced around the PJ leaving a bit of room for the sewing allowance.  As you can see I added the dolphin flipper at the end.  I made two panels of this and I cut a  white oval that fit over the belly of the dolphin.  I sewed the two grey panels inside out.  Sewed the wrists of the PJ to make the hand flippers.  I cut down the middle to the belly button of the top grey panel so the baby could fit though into the costume and added a couple of snaps to the white belly panel to keep the costume closed.  The dolphin head was two semi circles sewed in half and I sewed the batting stuffed snout  to the front of it.  
Also i sewed a black eye out of felt.  
...And ALL DONE!  

Very Cute!!

I also had a request for "the lady in pink"- Uniqua from the backyardigans costume for Honeypie... 
(funny that the costume doubled as ELton JOhn!... )
b...b...b benny and the jets!  ^_^ 

Making the Go-Go boots (booties) to fit over the rain galoshes

I traced over her coat for sizing ... used fleece again


My little lady in pink

~It was a great halloween!


  1. I think the Backyardigans is such a clever show! It is still a bit too old for Wednesday, or at least she just doesn't enjoy it as much as other shows but she does love Uniqua. That costume is very clever too! (And would make a great Elton John!) And that dolphin? Sew cute!

  2. So cute!
    Nice work. I'd have just looked at them blankly. :)

  3. Heh heh stephanie! :)
    Anything for that awesome smile from honeypie (i feel like a super hero when I can make something important for her happen)...! Backyardigans have not nessesarily won me over... but it makes my kid very happy... ! :) That tasha... needs a bit of a talk on manners... but it makes for interesting conversations here!



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